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My Story

I knew I was having twins before I officially found out. I was so excited but also very overwhelmed. "How am I going to take care of TWO babies AND myself AND my household??? The answer was simple: Babywearing. It saved my life and my sanity. And with my one little wrap, and a loaner stretchy, we made it through our first six months of life. 

I decided to become a certified babywearing consultant, and trained in October 2015 with Center for Babywearing Studies. Many other life changes came after that training and learning the science behind the choices I had made as a new parent. I found myself wanting to become the person that I had needed throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period. 

And now, here we are.... 

"You either take control of your life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

My Mission

I strive to provide unbiased, nonjudgemental services to families in the metro Atlanta area. I believe it is my job to listen to my clients and meet them where they are at. Sure, who doesn't have their "own way" of doing things? But serving my clients isn't about me. It's about helping them find what works for them and their family. 

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