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Attached at the Heart Parenting Program

Providing Everything You Need To Prepare for Parenting


Why take this class?

This program provides specific tools to help parents learn more about child development, neuroscience, and positive discipline. Over time, parents learn to trust their own intuitive knowledge as well as their child's. This will ultimately build a foundation that will strengthen parent-child attachment. 

Curriculum training also provides child advocates and professionals with much-needed insight into childrearing. 


  • Increase knowledge of attachment theory

  • Increase knowledge of building a secure attachment and resilience in children

  • Identify eight research-informed principles and related positive strategies for implementing the practical application of attachment theory in daily childrearing


The Eight Principles

  1. Prepare yourself for pregnancy, birth, and parenting
  2. Feed with love and respect
  3. Responding with sensitivity
  4. Use nurturing touch
  5. Ensure safe sleep physically and emotionally
  6. Provide consistent, loving care
  7. Practice positive discipline
  8. Strive for balance
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